New Member Spotlight: Meet Sidney

Meet one of our first years, Sidney Garner


HC: Year in school and major?

S: I'm a freshman and I'm currently an Exploratory Studies major (fancy way to say undecided) but I'm thinking about declaring in criminology.



HC: Where are you from?

S: Eagan, MN


HC: What are your hobbies/sports/interests?

S: I love hiking, writing, and I'm a huge book nerd. I also love watching horror movies (they make me laugh) and videos of people playing horror games.


HC: Pets?

S: I have a Boxer mix named Roscoe. We got him from the Humane Society when he was 1 1/2 and he was labeled an aggressive dog. He's really not, it's just he was (still is) an excitable dog and the people that adopted him didn't know how to handle him. He loves barking and running after imaginary things, play biting, chasing light, walks, and my dad. My favorite pet name for him is Goblin.



HC: PSL yes or no?

S: I'm saying no for the sole reason that I don't like coffee. But if you like it, drink it.


HC: Current favorite tv show

S: Why must you make me choose between my babies?! I guess I would say my favorite show is Terror in Resonance.


HC: Celebrity crush

S: Honestly, idk, I don't really have any. I would really like to meet Angel Haze though.



HC: favorite vine

S: "Daddy?" "Do I look like your daddy!?"


HC: Coffee or tea?

S: Neither. I like my smoothies.


HC: Favorite fall activity

S: Frolicking my way through the hallways to dive into my nice warm bed


HC: One random fact about you someone might not guess

S: Being the big nerd that I am, I co-founded my school's anime club with my best friend. It went under in a year because sophomore's suck!