New Member Olivia!

Butler’s Her Campus chapter has recently added some new members! Olivia Rae Jacobs is one of said members! Olivia is a First-Year student majoring in Arts Administration. Her Zodiac sign is Pisces, and her role in Her Campus encompasses event planning and social media!


Her Campus (HC): What do you like to do in your free time?

Olivia Jacobs (OJ): I like to watch Netflix, go to the IMA, and hammock - I know, very college-like.


HC: What is your favorite spot on campus? Why?

OJ: My favorite spot on campus is this area by the bell tower. There is this little waterfall and some rocks that you can sit on right by it. I like it there because you can hear the bell tower ring and just look over at the trees.  


HC: If you could have one artist create a soundtrack for your life, which artist would you choose?

OJ: Young the Giant. Basically any mood I am in, I can find a song by them to listen to.  


HC: What is your biggest pet peeve?

OJ: Having unread emails/notifications. That little red bubble drives me CRAZY.


HC: Favorite genre of music?

OJ: I would say indie/pop.


HC: Dogs vs. cats.

OJ: Dogs.


HC: Milkshakes vs. smoothies.

OJ: Milkshakes.


HC: Books vs. movies.

OJ: Books! Movies are nice, but books are the way to go.


HC: Parties vs. kickbacks.

OJ: Kickbacks. I love a good party, but kickbacks are more fun.


HC: Mac vs. PC

OJ: PC just because I have never owned a Mac.