Motivational Dogs

It’s April, and for all of us here at Butler, that means one thing: WE’RE ALMOST DONE WITH THE SEMESTER!



This also means my motivation is at an all time low. There’s literally only three weeks left of school and I don’t even have THAT much to do.


The weather is finally starting to get nice and all I want to do is sit in one of those cool hammock things and pretend I’m in a cute scene from a movie or something. Alas, I haven’t a hammock nor the motivation to go get one.



So basically, I’m unmotivated as hell and I’m sure the rest of you are as well, so here’s a bunch of dogs cheering you on as you finish out the semester.


Look at these puppies wearing clothes jumping rope! They want you to succeed!


This weiner dog on a skateboard wants you to join him on the road to productivity!


This little dude’s legs don’t work, but he’s still #thriving and he wants you to be #thriving too!


What’s better than one doggo? Two doggos! They love you!


When the going gets tough, the tough get going, like this pupper!


Look at these friends working together to get their ball! Absorb their determination and finish that paper!


This little one isn’t giving up, and neither should you!


This dude is finishing his paper, and you should too!


All these dog friends love and support you! Finish the semester strong, ladies!