Lorde Should Have Won the Grammy for Album of the Year

Hello, internet. My name is Kait, and I love music. Specifically, I love the music of Ella Yelich O’Connor, the New Zealand twenty-something also known as Lorde.



In addition to clearly being an amazing dancer, Lorde put out an amazing album in 2017 called Melodrama. It was fantastic start to finish. Every time I listen to it, I make this exact combination of faces.



She wrote “The Louvre” and “Homemade Dynamite” about fleeting and reckless love affairs. She wrote “Sober” and “Perfect Places” about the blissful highs and devastating lows of partying. She wrote “Green Light” and “Writer in the Dark” about moving on from loving someone who hurt you badly. She wrote “Liability” and ripped open her soul, my soul, and every single soul in this fatherbanging solar system.



Lorde wrote Melodrama at AGE NINETEEN. Do you know what I wrote at age nineteen? A rant about The Bachelor mostly composed of gifs and a poem about some guy’s generic body wash.



Anyway, I love this album a lot. Melodrama came into my life at the beginning of summer 2017, exactly when I needed it after an emotional semester in college. It’s hella relatable and deep. You can dance to it. You can cry to it. You can dance and cry to it at the same time. I did.



Because some things make sense in this world, Melodrama was nominated for the Grammy Award for Album of the Year. Even though Lorde’s album was my absolute, ride or die favorite, I was partially rooting for a few other nominees too, like Kendrick Lamar and Childish Gambino. It was a loaded category.



But in the end, Bruno Mars won.

I mean, I get it. I can get down to Bruno Mars. His album had some good bops. But I have to vouch for my girl.



Here’s what actually makes me angry, though. Every other one of the Album of the Year nominees was invited to perform solo at the Grammys. Kendrick and Childish did, and Bruno brought along Cardi B. (Sidenote: I would die for Cardi B.)

Lorde was only invited to be part of a group performance. (She turned it down.)

What the actual heck?



Has no one running the Grammys seen her perform? What do they have against young, talented, raw, honest, exuberant ladies???



Whatever. I just want everyone to know in their hearts that Lorde’s album was amazing and everyone needs to hear it. Thank you for your time.