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Long Distance Valentine’s Day

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Butler chapter.

Valentine’s Day and long distance relationships aren’t things that go well together. Unless you can actually be with your SO on Valentine’s day, it’s basically like being single, except you get a card (but like even when you’re single you still get cards, just from your mom).




So long distance-ers, this post goes out to you.


I give you the official “Rae’s long distance V-day survival guide”.


  1. Just because you’re apart doesn’t mean you can’t have a cute dinner date.



Have a FaceTime dinner date! It’s 2017 people, technology rules the world. Please let me know why it’s not okay for you to go to a cute restaurant and FaceTime your SO while you enjoy a lovely meal? People may look at you, but hey, it’s Valentine’s Day and you’re on a dinner date.


2. Send each other fun/cute/romantic/handmade cards.



Who doesn’t love meme cards? Also, getting real mail that isn’t just your phone bill for the month is really fun. Spice things up with one of those $7 cards from Hallmark if this one’s really special.


3. If you’re really missing your SO, take a walk down memory lane and look at some of the first pictures you took together.




Regardless of the time of year, I love to just look back at old photos. I love seeing how I’ve changed.


4.  Set aside time for a phone call.




As we’ve established, I’m a grandma, and I totally prefer phone calls to texts. TBH there’s nothing I love more than hearing my SO’s voice over the phone, so I’m a huge advocate for a good, long call.


5. Send them something small that will totally make their day.




I love sending people little things that are soooo them. My SO loves magic and card tricks so whenever I see a cool looking deck of cards, I’ll grab them.


6. Post one of those insta pics with the giant, sappy caption about how much you love your SO.




Come on, do it! You know you want to.


7. If all else fails, eat chocolate.


Need I say more?

Rae Stoffel is a senior at Butler University studying Journalism with a double minor in French and strategic communications. With an affinity for iced coffee, blazers, and the worlds worst jokes, she calls herself a witty optomistic, which can be heavily reflected in her writing. Stoffel is a Chicago native looking forward to returning to the windy city post graduation. 
Jazmine Bowens is a senior at Butler University. She is a Psychology major with a minor in Neuroscience and the Campus Corespondent for Butler University's Her Campus chapter. When she isn't in class, she's writing poetry, reading romance novels, or hanging out with her friends. Jazmine hopes to one day become an environmental lawyer and a published novelist.