Kelan Martin: The Big Man on Campus


The General Stuff:


  1. Name: Kelan Martin

  2. Major: Sports Media

  3. Year: Junior

  4. Hometown: Louisville, Kentucky

  5. Relationship status: single pringle

  6. Sport: Basketball

Fun Facts:


  1. Dream occupation: NBA

  2. Dream team(s): L.A. Lakers or Miami Heat

  3. Dream City: L.A.

  4. Favorite Movie: Semi Pro

  5. Favorite Song: Worst Behavior

  6. Favorite Artist(s): Drake and J Cole

  7. Favorite Store: Urban Outfitters

  8. Favorite Quote(s): “Stay in your lane,” and “Don’t try to be a hero.”

  9. Pre-game rituals: Video games or working out

  10. Super Power of choice: Flying

  11. Favorite NBA Players: Dwyane Wade, Kobe Bryant and Paul George



HC: How do you want to leave your mark on campus, aside from basketball?


KM: I just want to leave a good legacy behind me as the nice guy that everyone could get along with and like. I want people to see that I work hard as a student athlete and that I am caring and I don’t ever want to be negative.


HC: If not Butler, where do you think you would be right now?


KM: I don’t know, honestly. I committed to Butler so early that it’s like I didn’t really look at other schools after Butler scouted me.


HC: Are you a momma’s boy?


KM: I guess… I’m really both. Both of my parents played (basketball) in college, so they give me a hard time sometimes but I love them both and I’m thankful for everything they do. My mom played at Western Kentucky and my dad played at Kentucky Wesleyan.

HC: What is your favorite spot on campus?


KM: I just really like the locker room. I go workout there a lot and there is a TV so I’ll just go o hang out or do homework. I love it in there.


HC: What is your favorite event on campus?


KM: I love homecoming. There is so much going on and I like the tailgating.


HC: Where do you want to end up?


KM: I would love the opportunity to play basketball at the next level and move somewhere warm like Miami or L.A. and if I don’t play after college I would want to get into sports analysis so that I can still be involved in basketball.


HC: How do you feel being called the “big man on campus”?


KM: I mean, I think it’s pretty cool. I’m glad that I am seen that way.