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It’s Officially Fall Pun Season

As the temperatures drop and the season of flannel, pumpkin spice and colorful leaves gets closer, it’s smart to keep a few autumn instagram captions, dorm memo board quotes, and fun fall puns in your back pocket. If you’re short on ideas, here are a few to add to your notes:


1.) You’re the apple of my pie


2.) Spice, spice, baby


3.) Trick or treat yo’self


4.) Boo, Felicia


5.) Life is gourd


6.) Zero shucks given


7.) You’re flan-tastic


8.) Don’t stop be-leafing


9.) Maybe she’s born with it. Maybe it’s maple leaves.


10.) I’m a bad witch, you can’t kill me


11.) Oh my squash


12.) I’ve fall-en and I can’t get up!


This has been orch-hard. Thanks for sticking with me there.


Happy fall!

Emily Wray is a sophomore at Butler studying English and Creative Media. She loves John Hughes movies, cold brew, ABBA, podcasts, and storytelling. An Indianapolis native, you can contact her through email, social media, or by simply yelling a pop culture reference across a crowded room- she'll respond to most, if not all.
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