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I have a playlist called shopping songs

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Butler chapter.

So if you’re anything like me, you pretend you’re in a movie way more than you really should.



One of my favorite times to pretend I’m in a movie is when I’m doing a little thing I like to call “soul shopping.”


Soul shopping is a solo shopping trip you take to clear your mind while doing something you love. Sometimes it’s fun to go to Anthropologie, try on all the things you can’t afford, and laugh to yourself about being a poor college student.


Soul shopping is great because even though you love your best gals, their opinions aren’t always wanted. Soul shopping is a judgement-free activity. It’s good for the soul.


You finally have the opportunity to go to Lush and get four bath bombs, and Hannah isn’t there to tell you you’re wasting your money.


Homegirl, spend your money on whatever you please!


Want to buy eight bralettes? Fucking do it! There’s nothing stopping you while you’re soul shopping.Okay, maybe your bank account, but let’s not worry about that right now.


While soul shopping, you’re free to make faces at anything you want. You don’t have to pretend you love the wide leg trousers on Jess just because she does. So go ahead, scoff at that cold shoulder sweater.Katy isn’t there to get all offended because the cold shoulder is her look.



Soul shopping is a truly magical experience.


Okay back to the point, I have a playlist I listen to while I soul shop. Believe it or not, yours truly didn’t actually come up with the idea for the soul shopping playlist. One of my dearest, most darling friends from high school did.


I shit you not, a few of my friends and I were laying on the floor of my bedroom listening to music and going through my closet. About ten minutes in I heard the song “I Feel it All” by Feist, and I loudly exclaimed, “Oh my god I love shopping to this song!” To which my beautiful friend Sammy answered “Rae, only you would have favorite songs to shop to” and she proceeded to make me a playlist of all the songs I said I loved shopping to.



And thus, the best playlist to ever exist was created.


I’ll give you a few of my most favorite songs to soul shop to so you can start your very own soul shopping playlist!


~Rae’s fav soul shopping songs~


Library Magic- The Head and the Heart

Stuck on You- Meiko

Welcome to Your Life- Passion Pit

Fell in Love With New York- The Zolas

Ocean- Boy Kiss Girl

Alaska- Maggie Rogers

Past Lives- BØRNS

Circles- Machineheart

The Water’s Wide- Sea Wolf

You Already Know- Bombay Bicycle Club

Let Me In- Grouplove

Little Bit- Perrin Lamb

Into The Wild- Lewis Watson

Katie Queen of Tennessee- The Apache Relay


Happy soul shopping friends!  



Rae Stoffel is a senior at Butler University studying Journalism with a double minor in French and strategic communications. With an affinity for iced coffee, blazers, and the worlds worst jokes, she calls herself a witty optomistic, which can be heavily reflected in her writing. Stoffel is a Chicago native looking forward to returning to the windy city post graduation. 
Jazmine Bowens is a senior at Butler University. She is a Psychology major with a minor in Neuroscience and the Campus Corespondent for Butler University's Her Campus chapter. When she isn't in class, she's writing poetry, reading romance novels, or hanging out with her friends. Jazmine hopes to one day become an environmental lawyer and a published novelist.