The Great Side



I’ve been listening to it on repeat for an hour.




Alright, now that I’m done losing my shit, I’ll tell you about the song. Well, actually we’re gonna start with the album cover because it's cool and edgy and hipster and I’m V into it.



I mean look at it. Did you see it? Too bad. Look at it again, relish it some more, just bask in its glory. Live in it.

It’s so retro and melodramatic (I only know that word b/c Lorde, tnx bb), and it looks like it was taken on a Polaroid camera that was actually constructed in 1988. I’m obsessed.


It compliments the song nicely, too.  The image darker in color and lighter in meaning, whereas the song has a lighter color to it, but a darker meaning. Then you’ve got the light splashing in on the middle third of the image which is cool because it makes me think of the third verse of the song. Because it’s a single third of the song and it talks about springtime and pride and understanding and those are all lighter topics that come in line with the light coming in through what looks like a window(?) in the cover art.


Third Verse:


I'm sure we'll meet in the spring

And catch up on everything

I'll say I'm proud of all that you've done

You taught me the ropes, and you taught me to love


But I sympathize

And I recognize

And baby, I apologize

That I got the good side

The good side of things


I’m not totally sure that made any sense, I’m spiraling down a #deep, floaty word vomit thing.


Okay, let's get to the actual song, shall we?


It’s not really a slow song, but it’s not racing either. It starts (and also ends) out with these electric/galactic sounding tones that immediately transport you into something like this:



It’s like a cross between the Stranger Things theme and some sort of confused musical astronaut, but in the best possible way.


The song uses a waltz tempo which can make even Kanye sound kinda relaxed and floaty.


You get this soft guitar strumming that comes in for a few measures and then the beautiful voice of Mr. Sivan.


The lyrics to this song are mysterious. They tell a story, but it’s not one that spoon feeds you the plot or anything, you  have to let it sink in the first time around.


I got the good side of things


I got the good side of life


I got the good side of you


You listen to it a few more times and figure out just what the lyrics are trying to express (I’m not telling you people everything, listen to it for yourselves), and then you hit the repeat button, hit the lock button, and get transported elsewhere.


Please enjoy this list of gifs I see as elsewhere…







V floaty and cool, you get the picture. Okay, now go listen to it HERE.


P.S. I’ve decided to nickname the song “The Great Side” ‘cus I feel like “The Good Side” doesn't do it enough justice.