Ghostbusters Improved

Ghostbusters Improved


Lately, at Butler Her Campus, we’ve been experiencing a problem. A ghostly problem.



One of our members, has been experiencing some odd things around her house. For the past week, Grace has been walking into random cold patches and she feels like someone is watching her only to turn around to see no one there. Despite her fear of going home, she assures me it’s probably just her late grandma or aunt getting back at her for bringing a boy home without permission.



But what if it wasn’t????


Luckily for Grace, the girls at Her Campus have her back. So as we prepare for our ghostbusting journey, I’ll give you some pointers of how to deal with your own ghostly infestation.


  1. Smudging

So smudging was originally a ceremony practiced by some Native Americans. They would burn medical/sacred herbs to conduct a spiritual cleansing or blessing. Smudging (usually the common ingredient is sage but many tend to also use other ingredients) has now become a common practice for both the Modern Day Witch and practitioners of a natural lifestyle.


I could go on all day about the specifics of smudging and why each ingredient is important but if you want a basic run-down, there are many videos and articles online that can walk you through the process. I personally recommend watching the video on smudging that Witchery TV posted. She gives you a rundown on a basic smudging set up and then walks you through how to go about cleansing yourself and then your space.


You will at least need to acquire some sage or palo santo, a lighter, and something to spread the smoke around with (most would recommend a feather.)


Smudging isn’t commonly associated with getting rid of ghosts but it will help get rid of negative or evil energies in a space. Another member has also informed me that when her house was haunted, she just burned sage to get rid of the spirit.


  1. Casting a Spell

If you don’t believe in magic (but come on, your reading this article to get rid of ghosts!) this option probably won’t be for you.


You can probably find a hundred spells for this online but I’ll give you a quick and easy one. You can do this whenever it is needed, but to get the most effective results, do this in the day (this also goes for smudging).


Go to the place the spirit is haunting the most; many find this to be in the attic or basement. You’re probably think I’m kidding or trying to prank you when you read this next bit, but I’m telling you the truth: make a lot of noise. Shake a rattle or tamborine, bang pots together, stop your feet, clap your hands, anything. You’re going to feel silly but this gets their attention, lets you establish dominance, and as an added bonus, you get to disturb the ghost. Ghosts like to be the one making noise and are put off when something else makes it. Once you feel like you got it’s attention, address it boldly and command it to leave and not come back until it has fully counted every drop of water, every grain of sand, and every leaf on the planet. You’ve just given it an innately impossible task so it should dutifully depart and never return.



  1. Most Importantly, Communication

No, I’m not telling you to pull out your ouija board at the first sign of danger. I think we’ve all seen enough horror movies to know where that’ll end. But remember, ghosts are (were?) people too. So address them as such.


When asking nicely, most ghosts will understand you request and depart. Some probably won’t. You are infringing on their territory as much as they are infringing on yours. Be open to a compromise.


  1. If All Else Fails, Call an Exorcist


If you have tried everything listed above and more and the spirit is still bothering you, it’s probably time to call in an exorcist. Yes, they actually exist. Just flip through the Yellow Pages until you find one. Or better yet, get with the modern age and use Google.


Okay, now that you are all well prepared, it’s time to suit up and go on your first ghost hunt! Have fun!