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The Women of Butler University - Allison Keane


HC: What’s your major and what do you love about your field of study so far?

A: My major is pharmacy, and I love being able to help patients be their healthiest and happiest. Serving others is so fulfilling. I am also in the MBA program, learning how to make the most out of the business of healthcare to benefit my patients.


HC: Name a woman who inspires you most and why?

A: Michelle Obama inspires me because she is so loving and tries each day to make our country better. She gives life her all, and I hope to make people feel the same way she does one day.


HC: What’s your favorite part and least favorite part about Butler University?

A: My favorite part about Butler University is how devoted students are to bettering themselves, whether academically, physically, or socially. Everyone is dedicated to a higher challenge to be the best, and it shows. My least favorite part is that campus is regularly empty on weekends. Walking on the mall, you could not see anyone for at least 30 minutes on a weekend. It gets lonely when you live on campus.


HC: What’s your biggest fear?

A: My biggest fear may be silly, but I have a paralyzing fear of butterflies. Just thinking about them sends me into a tizzy.


HC: Who is an artist/singer/song writer that inspires you/connects with you, and why?

A: P!nk inspires me as she has gone through many trials throughout her career and life, especially in relationships, and she always comes out on top. She is a great mother, a great singer and performer, and she even learned air acrobatics just to set herself apart! She gives back to several charities and minority advancement organizations.


HC: If you could tell your former self one thing right now, what would it be?

A: Everything works out, and it’s all for a reason. Don’t worry.




HC: If you can solve one worldwide problem right now, what would it be and why?

A: If I could solve one world problem, it would be violence against women. I want to protect females’ bodies and stop them from being abused and murdered all over the world.



HC: What are some of your favorite hobbies outside of school?

A: I love baking desserts, especially pies. I am also a collector of Funko Pops! My collection is at 30 and growing! I also love going to yoga classes at the HRC. And, I love drawing cartoons, especially Disney characters and Pokemon. Follow my cartooning Instagram: @cartooning_allison.



HC: What is something you think everyone should do at least once in their lives?

A: I think everyone should do something they’re really scared to do, such as skydiving, riding an enormous roller coaster, or ziplining.



HC: What’s your favorite quote?

A: “The Greatest Thing You’ll Ever Learn is Just to Love and be Loved in Return” - Moulin Rouge


Chicagoan • Butler Univ 2022 • PharmD/MBA dual degrees • car enthusiast • artist • freelance model • brand ambassador/rep/influencer • aspire to inspire • content creator • swammer • daughter/sister • Polish/Italian
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