Facts you never knew you needed to know about Giraffes


1.   Giraffes can get sunburn on their tongues.

2.   Giraffes only need 30 minutes of sleep a day and achieve this by taking micro-naps as short as five minutes at a time.

3.   An adult giraffe has enough power to kill an adult lion with a singular kick from its hindlegs. 

4.   Giraffes’ tongues are coated in an antiseptic saliva. So if you ever get stabbed, get a giraffe to lick you.

5.   Giraffes have long tongues, the better to lick you with. On average, they are 20 inches in length. 

6.   Giraffes have big hearts, the biggest heart of all the animals in Africa, the better to love you with. They measure 2 feet in length.

7.   Giraffes give birth standing up. This means that giraffe calves are born and fall headfirst from a height of about six feet. Ouchie!

8.   The name “Giraffe” comes from the Arabic word for “graceful.”

9.   The gestation period (how long to grow a baby) is 15 months.

10.   Think there is only one species of giraffe? Think again! There are nine different species of giraffes!


Hope this has been educational!!!