Day 5: Tan (fashion)

Day 5: Tan (fashion)


You made it to the final day! Congratulations! Check out some of our favorite trends and looks below!


Kait: For many years, I only wore dark-wash skinny jeans. I thought they were the only acceptable form of jean to wear. I assumed that any other fit would make my #AerieReal body type look like a church mom from the 90s or a homeschooled fifth grader with a pet bird. I thought that baggy jeans and menswear were for skinny girls so they could look small in them by comparison, and my job as a bulkier woman was to wear tight-fitting outfits at all times to create a feminine shape. Nowadays, I say SCREW THAT.


This is my favorite pair of jeans. They’re the Wild Fable brand from Target. And my huge, 80s-style jean jacket. DENIM ON DENIM, BABY. They’re pulled together with a pair of thrift store honky tonk earrings and the Doc Martens I’ve had since I turned 16. I look like a blue-collar 1970s factory worker and I LOVE IT.


Rebecca: My job has a professional dress code, so I’m setting aside my leggings and Birkenstocks in favor of blazers and flats. But I’d be lying if I said I didn’t totally thrive in that type of uniform, and I’ve had a lot of fun finding ways to make the dress code more Me. Though I wouldn’t wear it to a ~super important meeting~, I love layering a graphic tee with a blazer. The jacket in this photo is from Kohl’s, and the shirt is from an artist I love on Instagram - @chipperthings. It’s so soft, and it reinforces the idea that I have no idea what I’m doing, but I’m having a blast doing it anyway. Get out there and business casual it up, girl!


Grace: I dress for comfort on most days. You’ll probably see me rocking an easy hoodie/tshirt with leggings/athletic shorts look. My outfit for the day is also usually dictated whether I’m going to workout that day or not. I live off campus so it’s just easier for me to go straight to the HRC after class rather than going home and changing. It’s not that I’m lazy, I just don’t really care about fashion much. I’ve never been one to value brand name clothes, or bags, or shoes, just because of the name on them.


Rae: So I suck and my favorite look right now is my formal look. I got a fancy dress from lulus on like uber clearance and strapped on a pair of red block heels with it. To complete the look I went with a simple gold hoop as to not distract from flowers on the dress. Typically, I don’t look like this though. Most weekdays you can catch me in anything business cas, which usually ranges from a pair of Old Navy pixi pants, a button up and some sort of blazer/cardigan/jaket thing. When it comes to weekend attire I’ve been really into joggers and mock neck turtleneck things- all about looking slightly put together while being comfy af. Formal look pictured below.