Day 4: Focus Favs

If you’re anything like me, focusing takes more brain power than the actual work I’m trying to do! Check out day four’s focus tips to keep you going.


Kait: A really cool piece of advice I’ve read is to keep a journal next to you when you’re working on writing assignments. If something in your brain is distracting you, an intrusive thought or song lyrics stuck in your head or what have you, write it in the journal so it’s on paper and you can move on to the next thing and dedicate your brain space somewhere else. (It HAS TO be physical paper. Doing this on your phone or computer WILL NOT WORK.)


Rebecca: Having people around keeps me on task. I know not everyone is like this, but I’ve found that I work best when there’s someone there to hold me accountable: a roommate, a friend, the barista that made your three vanilla lattes… It doesn’t have to be a study buddy that reviews the materials with you, just someone who is there and is probably silently judging you if you get on Instagram AGAIN.


Grace: I talked more about this in our Day 2 Study Style, I’ve found the best way to study is to try to free yourself of distractions as much as possible. I accomplish this by putting my phone in a different room and find a comfy quiet place to be more focused while I study. I also recommend taking breaks, but again, do your best to resist distractions such as going to get more food, looking up dog memes, or checking who poked you on Facebook. I usually set a timer so I grind 30 minutes on and then I give myself a break for 15-20 minutes.


Maddie: Moving outside of your room to a public space can help you keep focus. I know that I associate my bedroom with relaxation and comfort so when I try to study I get very easily distracted or I don’t feel motivated. Moving to a different place not only gives you a change of scenery but it also holds you accountable for doing your work. In a public study setting, you don’t want to be sitting there on your phone while everyone around you is actually working. Also, you can’t take a nap or turn on your t.v. when you’re out of your room which makes studying your only option.

Rae: Focus is something I definitely struggle with, shoutout ADHD, but I’ve found a few things that help me get into the ~zone~. Lighting a candle typically gets me in more of a calm focusing mood and it makes my room smell good, so that's a win win. I’ve also found that, for some odd reason, wrapping my giant fuzzy blanket around me and using it like a hood really work for me. I think it’s got something to do with blocking out my peripheral vision and kinda giving me tunnel vision in a way. Listening to classical and piano music also helps me for sure.