Day 2: Study Style

Please find me a human that can study in denim. Welcome to day 2… study style!


Kait: It actually makes me feel super productive to put on something nicer-looking to study in. Usually my go-to is a button-up shirt, a big cardigan, some non-athletic leggings, and canvas sneakers. It makes me feel put together, but without a lot of pressure. One thing is for sure, though: WEAR LAYERS. You never know when you’ll get too warm in the library or cold in the coffee shop. Make sure you have at least one short-sleeved piece and one long-sleeved piece.


Rebecca: No matter what I change into, I ALWAYS change out of my pajamas. Even if I’m staying at home and studying on my couch, I take off my sleeping sweatpants and put on my lounging sweatpants (you know what I’m talking about). Also, I brush my hair, wash my face, maybe even put on some makeup. It gets me into the mentality of a new day, and that kind of fresh start outlook is crucial for a good study sesh. It’s so easy to think only about your studies, but I’ve found that thinking of myself, even just in the small moments, does wonders for my mental health during finals!


Grace: I always strive to dress comfy and to be comfy when I’m studying. That being said, I’m usually in sweats sitting at the end of my bed or my desk trying to shove more information into my head. I try my best to study smarter rather than harder, I give myself breaks often so that my brain can reset. I’ve found when I press myself for long periods of time, I don’t actually retain anything. Insteady I study 30 minutes on 15-20 minutes off. When I study for that half an hour, I set my timer on my phone but I put my phone in a different room to avoid getting distracted. This take a lot of self control but it helps me immensely!


Rae: Being that I have the persona of a soccer mom, it only seems right that my go to study look is athleisure. No, not the oversized t shirts that cover your running shorts so it looks like you’re not wearing any pants, I’m talking about that actual work out gear that in my case, will never actually be used for working out… at least not right now! I’ve currently been obsessed with Target’s new line of athisure, comfy, cute and inexpensive! It checks off all my boxes!