Compliments for the Ann Perkins in Your Life

We’ve all got an Ann Perkins in our lives (unless of course you live under a rock and have no idea who Anne Perkins is, in which case you aren’t worthy of an Ann in your life) and if you’re anything like me, you’re a big fan of Leslie Knope style compliments. Here are some of my all time favorites to try out on your Ann!



How to give compliments like Leslie Knope:

Step one: Select your desired compliment from the list below

Step two: Replace the Ann with the name of your Ann

Step three: Locate your Ann and show them just how much you love them in the most eccentric way possible.


“Oh, Ann, you’re so sweet and innocent and pretty.”


"Oh, Ann, I always forget because you're so pretty, you're not used to rejection."


“Ann’s my doctor and she’s the most beautiful nurse in the world.”


“Sweet and beautiful Ann has never been dumped before.”


“Ann, you beautiful tropical fish. You’re smart as a whip and you’re cool under pressure.”


“You’ve resuscitated a human heart in your bare hands."


“Oh, Ann, you beautiful spinster. I will find you love.”


"Oh, Ann, you beautiful, rule-breaking moth."


“Ann, you are such a good friend, you’re a beautiful, talented, brilliant, powerful musk-ox. Thank you, ox.”


“Ann, you cunning, pliable, chestnut-haired sunfish.”


“Ann, you’re a genius! Your brain is almost as perfect as your face.”


“Oh, Ann. You beautiful, naïve, sophisticated newborn baby.”


“Ann, you poetic, noble land-mermaid.”


“Ann, you spectacular cloud of brilliance.”


“Ann, you delicious stack of waffles.”


“Ann, you fluorescent light bulb of truth”


“Ann, you elegant, tiny bus driver.”


“You are an opalescent tree shark.”


“You are a rainbow infused space unicorn.”


“You are a beautiful, sassy mannequin come to life.”


“You're thoughtful and you're brilliant. And your ambiguous ethnic blend perfectly represents the dream of the American melting pot.”


Happy complimenting, friends!

~Love, begging for compliments