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And The Award Goes To: My Review of “Parasite”

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Butler chapter.

Before we begin, I’d love to bring to your attention a fantastic segment from Adam Driver’s episode of SNL a few weeks ago, featuring actual goddess Melissa Villaseñor and her thoughts (in the form of song) on the Oscar nominations:




DISCLAIMER: I’m not a professional film critic. I just enjoy movies! The best part about taking in artistic projects is that we don’t have to agree all the time. We may very well have different opinions, and that’s fine! In fact, I’d love to hear them- I love discussing film. With that being said, let’s jump in!




I was super excited to see this movie. I had heard wonderful things from friends and seen sparkling reviews online, and approached this flick a little differently than some of the others I’ve reviewed so far. I wanted to encounter as little about the plot as possible- I didn’t want spoilers, for sure, but I also turned back whenever I found I was reading an article that told anything about the plot. I went in completely blind.


If that’s the approach you want to take, turn back now.


“Parasite” is a new-age thriller from South Korea and 2019’s Palme d’Or winner. Directed and written by Bong Joon-Ho,  its award-winning ensemble cast features Song Kang-ho, Choi Woo-shik, Park So-dam, Chang Hyae-jin, and many more phenomenal actors. If you haven’t heard of any of these talents, you’ll grow to love their portrayals by the end of the film.


This being said, I get a little stressed out when it comes to thrillers. I get that second-hand feeling of uneasiness from movies much like this one. Its charming dark humor settled me a bit, but I was on the edge of my seat until the end. It was astoundingly unique and worth the watch, if you’re able to handle the suspense. It’s refreshing amongst some of the movies I’ve had the privilege to watch this season.


Favorite Scene: The series of scenes depicting how the Kim family deceives the Park family- it was fun to watch, for sure


Rating: 8/10


This is my last article on the 2020 Oscar nominees- I still have a few films to catch this weekend! Thanks for sticking with me!

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