6 Songs to Listen to During Finals Week

Because I’ve found it much less terrible to study when I’m pretending that I’m the quirky heroine of an angsty indie coming-of-age film cramming for her finals, I’ve curated the perfect soundtrack for every finals week situation. Here’s six of them.


Undergrad - Kait Wilbur

Relatable lyric: “More scared and more inspired than I’ve ever been before / More myself and more tired with each closing door”

Listen to when: dancing around your dorm room with your roommates instead of studying for tomorrow’s cumulative accounting final.


A Very Musical Meltdown - Reb Day

Relatable lyric: “Started the new year full of optimism and inspiration / but now we’re four months in and my anxiety’s reaching desperation”

Listen to when: sending in your 14th summer internship application.


Cut Me Down - The Accidentals

Relatable lyric: “Sunday’s just another Monday, twinged with the procrastinator’s frantic fear”

Listen to when: mentally cursing your study group member that is SO condescending when answering your perfectly valid questions.


Feels Like Summer - Weezer

Relatable lyric: “I’m still in my bathrobe / hiding in the shadows”

Listen to when: hammocking on the mall with a Starbucks Strawberry Refresher, saying you’re writing your final paper but actually thinking about your summer plans.


Emotionally Untidy - Rachel Maria Cox

Relatable lyric: “My heart doesn’t beat so well anymore / The doctors say it’s electrolytes or not sleeping until four”

Listen to when: inexplicably crying in a bathroom on the second floor of Jordan Hall at 2 pm on a Tuesday.


This Year - The Mountain Goats

Relatable lyric: “I am gonna make it through this year if it kills me / I am gonna make it through this year if it kills me”

Listen to when: marching out of your study room in Irwin after a four-hour cramming marathon.


Hang in there, kids. You’ve got this.