5 Things I Learned in LA

I had the luxury of spending my spring break in Los Angeles… and it was freakin’ awesome. I got to explore what I hadn’t already seen in LA and learned a few things about myself.


  1. The city and Hollywood are nice and all, but I prefer and belong on the beach. There are surfer boys everywhere and sunshine. The beach is relaxing, and there are plenty of Ma and Pop restaurants to keep me interested.



  1. You have to learn to be selfish sometimes. LA is busy and fast paced,so you have to be able to stand your ground… tell that person who cut you in line to scram or squeeze right through the people who are walking too slow. You also have to be selfish so you are always safe and able to find your friends.



  1. The people here are just like everyone else! There is a belief that people in LA have a different way of living and different personalities than a girl from Indiana is used to. In reality, the people I met there were all from other places (like my small hometown) and they were all just chasing a dream. I met some awesome and very down to earth people! So don’t be scurd.  


  1. I think I need to move there. I’m going to spend a summer there to see if it is the right place for me, but all of the employment opportunities and the constant fun really appeal to me. It’s definitely the “go-getter’s” place to be. I really just want to be there now, TBH.



  1. Everyone should experience LA at least once. There are so many different cultures and personalities all over the place in LA that I think everyone should be exposed to. It is easy to find a niche and easy to find something to do. It makes for an epic vacation as long as you plan ahead and know where you want to go and visit! I have caught the LA bug and I want to give it to you!