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15 Spring Trends I Can Get Diggity Down With

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Butler chapter.

Spring has sprung ladies and gents (unless you live in the Midwest in which case its still fucking winter) and some super fun new trends have arrived with it. Take a look at some of my favorites!



  1. The flowy white blouse


You can’t go wrong with a basic white blouse. I mean it literally goes with everything. Wear it with some bitchin’ slacks for your budget meeting, or pair it with your favorite comfy leggings and some loafers for a Monday morning class. Grab this one here.


  1. Track pants (for every occasion)


Track pants are another great dress up or down piece (especially these leather ones). They’re perfect for those “got a track meet at 5 and a dinner party at 6” kinda days. Get them here.


  1. Prints on prints on prints

Print and pattern mixing has been huge this season and I gotta say I’m obsessed. Print mixing can be a little scary sometimes, but as long as you’re feeling yourself (which I know you are) you’ll look damn fantastic. Check out some more pattern pairing tips here.


  1. Leather and lace

This has got to be one of my favorites. As a girly girl who sees herself as a badass, I feel like leather and lace is me if I were to be a trend. This look is also a super versatile one because you can take it from day to night easily! Just add some killer heels and you’re set. Find out more about this trend here.


  1. Belt bags

Dare I say this is the most useful trend of the season! Belt bags are essentially the fannypack’s prettier, more successful cousin. These dudes are fantastic for a night out because there’s virtually no chance of you losing your shit. I mean your purse is literally on you. Check ‘em out here.


  1. Lacey slips

I love slip dresses. These guys are comfy and sexy all in one. TBH, this is one of the few 90’s/early 2000’s trends that I’m actually excited to see back. I’m a fan of any excuse to wear satin as well. Check this bad boy out here.


  1. Fun leggings

I live for athleisure, ladies. I literally live for it. I have 8ams four out of the five days of the week (don’t ask me how, I got royally screwed by the system). One of my favorite looks for those disgustingly early mornings is fun leggings like these, a simple long sleeve T, and an oversized denim jacket with some fashion sneaks! Easy, breezy, and sleepy, as I like to say. Get these comfy-cas leggings here.


  1. Wide leg pants  

Okay, I’m obsessed with this trend but can’t seem to pull it off, as I’m 5’3 on a good day and a majority of that length is torso. Long story short (pun most definitely intended) this trend works great for gals with legs for dayz. Tuck a cute graphic T into ‘em for a girly, yet edgy look. Get this pair here.


  1. Linen

More pants! These bad boys are perfect for those warmer spring days (if spring ever frickin gets here). Pair them with a cute sleeveless blouse and a blazer for a work lunch here.


  1. Checks

I’m damn near obsessed with checks, ladies, like actually, they’re so fun! This dress in particular is super versatile. Throw a long sleeved white turtleneck underneath for a hipster 90’s look or pair it with a bright colored cardi for more of a country club mom vibe. Get it here.


  1. Sunnies all the time

TBH, I wasn’t the biggest fan of this trend when it first resurfaced, but it’s definitely grown on me. Sunnies like theses are great for a backyard party or even class when you’re feelin’ badass. Get a pair here.


  1. Vintage florals

I’m a big fan of florals, so it’s no surprise that this trend made the list. My grandma had dresses like these when she was in high school in the ‘60s and I’ve been dying to to get my hands on one. Check a whole bunch of them out here.


  1. Double denim

Denim on denim, the good ‘ol Canadian tuxedo, a timeless Justin Timberlake/Brittany Spears look, you can’t go wrong. I’m a big fan of this trend any way you slice it. Just make sure you’re not wearing denim shoes, too! Check out different styling tips here.


  1. Snazzy sneaks

Millennial pink and arch support? Is there anything else a girl needs? Pair these cuties with joggers and a denim jacket for the ideal athleisure look. Get ‘em here.


  1. Pastels

Pastels have been all over the runway lately, and I gotta say, I’m in love. As an incredibly pale person I can’t wear like ⅔ of these fab shades, but I still love them with all my heart. Check out styling tips here.


I hope some of these trends tickle your fancy!

~Pale Princess with mildly alright taste

Rae Stoffel is a senior at Butler University studying Journalism with a double minor in French and strategic communications. With an affinity for iced coffee, blazers, and the worlds worst jokes, she calls herself a witty optomistic, which can be heavily reflected in her writing. Stoffel is a Chicago native looking forward to returning to the windy city post graduation.