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Your Natural Hair During Colder Seasons – Black Girl Hot Take Edition

  1. Protective Styles is where it’s at – but take care of your hair underneath!
  • Whether you decide to wear braids, rock a fresh sew-in, or melt that lace down – you need to be moisturizing your scalp, keeping up with trims if necessary, and using that silk pillowcase/bonnet! 
  1. This is the best time of the year to get your hair straightened sis!
  • If you want to get your hair laid, go get it done! This time of the year is better when it comes to low humidity and heat – but just make sure that you keep that blow dryer and flat iron on the cool/lowest setting. You want to make sure you are still keeping your hair moisturized because these hair tools will take moisture out of your hair on top of the wind and cold that will do the same.
  1. Wash and Go’s gotta go!
  • Unless you want weak, brittle, and dry hair that’s going to have some type of breakage – this season is best for wearing longer lasting styles. Use oils and butters in your hair to seal any moisture if you are doing a hairstyle that can last you a week or more. 
  1. The winter hats aren’t all that cute.
  • Unless they have silk in them! If you decide to wear a hat or even a head scarf that doesn’t have some type of silk lining, this can damage your hair and cause breakage. This will also dry out your hair! The winter hats with silk are the cutest!
  1. Take off that shower cap!
  • The steam from the showers will allow for your pores to be unclogged and encourage healthy and strong hair. Since the weather is about to be very cold anyways, your hair will need to be hydrated, and the blood flow to your scalp will promote hair growth as well!
Kiana Hodge

Buffalo '23

Kiana Hodge. University at Buffalo class of 2023. Majoring in Legal Studies and in the Journalism Certificate Program.
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