Why Samantha Josephson's death hits home

If you aren't familiar with Samantha Josephson's story here's what happened. Samantha,21, was at a bar with her friends and decided to go home by herself without anyone. She called an Uber, but got in the wrong one. She was kidnapped and killed by this simple mistake. She was a senior in college, ready to take on the rest of her life. Her story is something many girls resonate with. When many of us girls go out we calls Ubers ALL the time and knowing she made a mistake of getting in the wrong one costed her her life, it makes us feel unsafe. 

Why her story is so important, is that it teaches us to always stick with your friends no matter what. Samantha's friends are not to blame here, the only person to blame is the person who killed her. But we have to take precautions as women in this day and age. Always have a plan in place and always know where your friends are at all times. Uber also has a feature where you can share your trips with trusted contacts, so they know where you are. If you are like me and don't know anything about the types of cars, always check the license plate. And when getting into the Uber ask the driver who they are driving not the other way around. If they say the wrong name you know that is not your ride. 

Samantha was a regular college girl, going out with her friends, having a good time. That could have been anyone of us and it's important to be aware of your surroundings. Always be safe when going out and leave with the same people you came with. Have your location on for your trusted friends and tell them your move.