Ways to Vote

Election day in the year 2020 during a pandemic will be slightly different. Lots of things have changed since the pandemic, and things seem more confusing than they used to. Voting however will remain pretty much the same and is strongly encouraged. Make sure your voice is heard because it is just as important as anyone else’s!

  1. 1. Early Voting

    In-person early voting is not necessarily tied to your permanent address, but what jurisdiction you live in. In New York, early voting will begin on October 24th and end on November 1st. Always bring identification with you as it is most likely needed but not always the case. The lines may oscillate over the span of the given nine days. Expect lines to be long on the first and last days. 

  2. 2. Voting In-Person on Election Day

    Although the voting processes are similar to previous years, voters will have to be 6 feet apart and a mask must be worn. Locations to vote are available on the local elections' agency website and election administrators will send a postcard a few weeks prior to Election Day to remind registered voters of where to go. If you aren’t registered to vote, there are 20 states that allow same-day voter registration at the polls with valid identification, check to see if your state is one of them. If your name is not on the list of registered voters in your precinct or you didn’t bring valid identification, you may be allowed to cast a provisional ballot (allows you to vote but you must solve the problem by the deadline for ballots to be counted). The lines will be long, and in most states, everyone in line prior to when the polls close is allowed to vote as long as they stay in line.

  3. 3. Voting by Mail (Absentee ballot)

    blue mask with tiles spelling "vote" in front of yellow background.

    In most states, you can request an absentee ballot online. Some places may require you to upload an acceptable photo of your valid identification online or a photocopy with the paper application. Numerous states allow you to track your ballot request online which allows you to know if your request was received, approved, processed and if it was mailed to you. When you receive your ballot read the instructions on how to properly mark it, and follow the rules about returning the completed ballot. Make sure to sign your ballot legibly because it will not be counted if there is no signature or if it looks off.  To return the ballot you can mail it back with the nearest postal service, or return it to an authorized dropbox before Election Day.