The Shane Dawson X Jeffree Star Conspiracy Palette

If you have been keeping up with Shane Dawson’s documentary series, The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star, you know that the collaboration palette with Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star, the Conspiracy Palette, was just released this past Friday.  Shane has documented the process on his YouTube channel throughout a series of six episodes. Personally, I thought documenting the whole process was a smart move because the fans can see how much thought goes into the whole process.  They can also feel apart of the process in a way, which will make them more likely to buy it.

The palette has a great mixture of natural and bright colors!  Every color in the palette is named after something or someone that is close to Shane and his brand, which is very clever.  It makes the fans feel closer to the product because they understand Shane’s inside jokes. Since Jeffree helped Shane produce the palette, the formulas for the eyeshadows are the same as Jeffree’s, which means the eyeshadow is high-quality.   

Another beauty guru on YouTube, NikkieTutorials, was the very first YouTuber to review the palette.  I’ll provide the link here:  She gives a very honest review, the only negative thing she noticed about the palette was that there is a lot of fallout when putting the brush on the shadow.  She advised potential costumers to use minimum pressure when dipping into the shadows to avoid fallout. I recommend watching Nikkie’s review to find out if the palette is worth the buy.  She is very honest with her opinions and mentions mostly good and some bad aspects of the palette.

One negative aspect of Shane and Jeffree’s process was the website when the palette launched.  It was not working which hindered people from buying their products. I was on the website for an hour trying to buy it and finally gave up because it wasn’t being fixed quickly enough.  My friend ended up being able to purchase one, although I saw a lot of angry and upset tweets on Twitter directed towards Shane and Jeffree because of the technological issues. It was just disappointing because they hyped the release up so much and then a lot of people weren’t able to buy it.  By the time the website started working again, the palette was already sold out. 

Despite the difficulties of trying to buy the palette, I will still try again in the future!  I think the colors are very beautiful, and I love how unique the packaging is. Are you thinking about buying it?