Resume Writing 101

Writing a resume can be a very stressful thing especially when you have no experience working out in the corporate world. Here are some tips to help get you going!


My first recommendation for writing a resume is to be clear and concise. Make sure that you’re listing all of your awards, certificates, volunteer work, and references. It’s important to show your future employers how experienced you are and to show them how you could be a good asset to their company.


Don’t use fancy letting or headers. This is probably the number one way to make yourself look unprofessional. Employers prefer it when you are straightforward because it allows them through more candidates at a faster rate.


Be thorough in your introduction. Make sure that you give them several points of contact whether it’s through listing your email, cell phone number, a permanent address, etc. You want employers to have easy access when it comes to tracking you down.


References. This is a make or break when it comes to your resume because having a common connection can make the difference between you getting the job or not. Make sure that your references are solid. In other words, make sure that they know you enough to be able to answer questions about you and that they can be good representatives for you.


It’s important to build a yourself a good resume that will make a good impression on employers. Happy job hunting ladies and good luck!