Reasons You Should Thrift Shop More Often

     The benefits of thrift shopping are endless!  Not only are you saving money, but you are also helping the environment.  Thrifting has become more of a trend in these recent years, it has almost become a well-known activity for friends to do together!  Two thrift stores that have a lot of locations in the United States are Goodwill and The Salvation Army, which I highly recommend because they are cheaper than other vintage stores or high-end thrift shops (like the ones in NYC).  Of course, you could always do a Google search for thrift shops near me.  Here are the main reasons you should go thrift shopping more frequently:

  1. 1. Thrift shops are way cheaper (and more ethical) than retail stores such as Urban Outfitters, American Eagle, etc.

         As many of you already probably know, thrift stores are known for being significantly cheaper than retail stores.  For example, a sweater at American Eagle may be anywhere around $40, meanwhile, you can get a very similar (and even more trendy) sweater at Goodwill for $3-$5.  One time I got six items at a thrift store in New Jersey for only $20!!!  So you really get a bang for your buck when thrifting.

  2. 2. Thrift stores are environmentally friendly.

          Americans alone throw away about 10.5 million tons of clothing every year.  This is detrimental to the environment because 60% of these clothes are made from synthetic materials such as polyester, nylon, and acrylic; all of which are plastic.  These clothes are kept in landfills for hundreds of years!  Although buying secondhand will reduce the amount of plastic in landfills and decrease the amount of waste in the United States.  Also, more thrifting = less pollution!  Here’s why: The cotton used in clothing is genetically modified, meaning it relies on pesticides.  Along with the other chemicals used to make clothing, they contaminate and are dumped into nearby rivers and lakes because this part of the process is often outsourced and is being done in underdeveloped countries where regulations are not as strict.  Therefore, by thrift shopping, your money will not go toward supporting industries that destroy the environment.

  3. 3. It feels good!

         I find thrifting to be a lot more relaxing than other types of shopping.  For one, I find with retail shopping can be overwhelming because the employees can sometimes ask you if you need help or push promotions, which is their job and I appreciate it, but it can stress me out sometimes.  When shopping I personally like to browse the store myself and then ask for help.  Another benefit of thrifting is the good feeling you get afterward when you realize how much money you are saving and how you are reducing your carbon footprint!  It feels really great to get a bunch of new, cute clothes and not have contributed to the big retail corporations that are polluting the earth.

     Overall, thrifting has numerous benefits for both you and the world as a whole.  Now just you thrifting won’t completely stop the pollution of the earth, but it can reduce it just a little bit.  If you are an advocate for thrifting and educate people about the benefits, maybe we can all start thrifting and make a larger impact!