My Addiction to the Crime Junkie Podcast

     Are you into true crime?  Do you watch true crime T.V. shows, true crime documentaries?  If so, I’ve got just the fix for you!  Last year I started listening to this podcast called Crime Junkie.  The show is hosted by two women named Ashley Flowers and Brit, who have been best friends since they were little and are both obsessed with true crime, hence the name Crime Junkie.  I listen to their podcast in the car, while I exercise, eating breakfast... you name it!

     The stories they cover involve murder cases, missing person cases, serial killer cases, and conspiracies.  I appreciate that they cover a wide range of various types of cases involving people from all walks of life.  Unfortunately, a lot of people of color who go missing or get murdered do not get as much coverage in the media as white people do, and Crime Junkie actively tries to better this problem and spread awareness regarding cases with people of color involved.

     Most of their episodes have a kind of lesson or provide advice for their listeners at the end.  For example, there was this one episode about a young girl talking to who she thought was a boy her age online, although it turned out to be a 40-something-year-old man who actually ended up sexually assaulting and murdering her.  Throughout the episode and toward the end, Ashley and Brit told their listeners about the warning signs of speaking to strangers online and what to look out for.  Their advice can literally save lives and prevent people from being manipulated into dangerous situations.

     What I also really admire about their show is that whenever they cover a missing person's case, they upload a picture of the person onto their website so everyone can keep an eye out.  This is imperative because some of these cases go back to the 1990s!  Therefore the media coverage is now very limited and a lot of people have probably forgotten about the case.  Ashley and Brit also lend up some of their own theories they have regarding the cases they cover and let me tell you, it is absolutely insane.  Some of the conspiracy theories surrounding these cases give me the chills.

So if you happen to be just as obsessed as I am with true crime, I highly recommend this podcast to you!  Ashley and Britt are very personable, intelligent, funny, and are genuine, kind-hearted people.  The podcast is available on Apple, Spotify, and Google Podcasts, enjoy!


My top three favorite episodes from the podcast:


  1. MURDERED: Laci Peterson

  2. MISSING: Bethany Decker

  3. MURDERED: Robert Wone