The Minor Arcana - Tarot Part 2

In part 1 of this series, I explained the meanings behing the Major Arcana in the tarot deck. Today, I'm going to talk about the Minor Arcana!


Minor Arcana cards typically provide insight on things happening in your day to day life. Similar to a normal deck of cards, there are four suits, and numbers or courts on each card.

The Four Suits:

1: Wands (Fire) - Represent spontaneity, power, creativity, and quick action.

2: Pentacles or Coins (Earth) - Represent slow and considered activity, money concerns, material interests, business

3: Cups (Water) - Represent love, friendship, family and spirituality

4: Swords (Air) - Represent worry, strife, truth, and fairness

The Numbers:

Aces - Represent beginnings, potential, and solo enterprises

Twos - Represent partnership, division, harmony or conflict

Threes - Represent sociability, communication, a group

Fours - Represent stability, structure, and foundation

Fives - Represent instability, change, and rebellion

Sixes - Represent regrouping, victory, and success

Sevens - Represent uncertainty, need for clarification, and revision

Eights - Represent determination, letting go, and clarifying feelings

Nines - Represent holding the fort, being almost there, and complacency

Tens - Represent completion, meeting an ultimate goal, acheiving success

The Courts

Kings - Represent mature men, trusted leaders, authority, taking responsibility, and making wise decisions

Queens - Represent older women, security and dependency, support, and nurturing energy

Knights - Represent young men, goal-oriented energy, romance and adventure

Knaves (or Pages) - Represent young women or children in general, curiosity, new information, new ideas or opportunities