Marjorie Taylor Greene and Implications for the Future

     Marjorie Taylor Greene, best known for being a far-right conspiracy theorist who has made violent remarks toward her colleagues and other well known politicians, was sworn in earlier this year as a congresswoman for the state of Georgia.  This past Thursday evening, the House of Representatives voted 230 to 199 to strip her of her two committee assignments, although she is still serving as a congresswoman.  She used to work for the budget committee and the education and labor committee, although now she is not doing much of anything due to her past affiliations and remarks.

    Greene has bought into and spread theories from the conspiracy group QAnon.  If you are not sure about what this group stands for, let me inform you.  QAnon believes that our country is being run by a ring of satanic pedophiles, consisting of powerful politicians and the people of Hollywood.  As an example, CNN reported that Greene shared a link containing information about the QAnon Pizzagate conspiracy theory.  This theory claims that Hilary Clinton and her colleagues ran a child-trafficking ring out of a DC pizza restaurant.  Clearly this group is known for spreading bizarre and baseless claims regarding the leaders of our country, resulting in a misguided revolt against the people in power.  QAnon members were seen, wearing their merchandise, storming the Capitol on January 6th.  These people are extremely disillusioned and dangerous, and the fact that Marjorie Taylor Greene, a congresswoman, showed support and interest in this group and believed the election was “stolen” speaks volumes about her intentions.

    Greene is infamous for her comments on school shootings and distasteful treatment toward her colleagues.  Shortly after Greene was appointed to her committees, she was recorded while harassing David Hogg, a former Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school student.  She called him a coward and claimed he was “being paid to do this” (advocating for stricter gun laws).  Her accusations of the Parkland shooting being a hoax and a part of the “liberal agenda” dangerously spreads misinformation and is extremely disrespectful to the survivors, victims, and their families.  Her conspiracies regarding various shootings feed right into her pro-gun agenda, while diminishing the traumatic experiences of school shooting victims across the United States.

    The amount of threatening statements made toward her fellow colleagues and other politicians makes Americans across the country question how she was ever elected in the first place.  Greene believes that Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, should be tried for treason.  In one of her statements regarding this outlandish accusation, she said, “a bullet to the head would be quicker” in order to remove Pelosi from office.  Greene also made a post suggesting the hanging of former President Barack Obama, and when asked about this post, she replied with the “stage is being set”.  Her violent and threatening comments have no place in our government, and I am shocked to see that she still holds her position as a congresswoman.  Greene’s comments also enable the already hateful people in our country, which can lead to a larger, more dangerous revolt.

    What does this mean for the future?  Well unfortunately, her crazy conspiracies and violent threats pave the way for more of her kind.  The fact that she still holds the position of congresswoman after all she has said and done says a lot about where our government is headed.  If we do not hold her accountable and strip her of the power she has, what does this say about us as a country?  It says that we tolerate this hate and spread of misinformation, and it lowers our standards for future leaders, which is absolutely terrifying.  If we do not hold Marjorie Taylor Greene accountable, then America is headed down a dark, dangerous path.