The Major Arcana - Tarot Part 1

In a Tarot deck, there are two major categories of cards: the Major and Minor Arcana. In this two part series, I'll be talking about these two different card groups and their specific meanings!


Here, we will start with the Major Arcana. If you are vaguely familiar with Tarot cards, these are probably the cards that will look most familiar to you. They're the most recognizable and impactful cards in the deck. They generally provide guidance and perspective through more major life decisions. There are 22 of them, and when presented in order, the cards tell a complete story in themselves. They follow an individual through their life journey, including all of the trials and setbacks that all of us face.

0 - The Fool

Represents: blind faith in the universe, innocence, courage, the beginning of a journey

1 - The Magician

Represents: trickery, skill, enterprise and initiative, recognition of your own unique talents

2 - The High Priestess

Represents: deep knowledge, intuition, foresight, intelligence, listening to your inner voice

3 - The Empress

Represents: strong feminine energy, compassion, beauty, maternal energy, fertility

4 - The Emperor

Represents: strong masculine energy, authority, leadership, power, structure

5 - The Hierophant

Represents: religion, forgiveness, mercy, spirituality and guidance

6 - The Lovers

Represents: love, close relationships, union, vices

7 - The Chariot

Represents: drive and determination, competition, ambition, a sudden occurrance, victory or triumph

8 - Justice

Represents: balance, karma, fairness, integrity

9 - The Hermit

Represents: solitude, looking within, withdrawal, contemplation, protection

10 - The Wheel of Fortune

Represents: cycles of life, sudden luck, unexpected events, ups and downs

11 - Strength

Represents: resilience, fortitude, strength of mind, endurance

12 - The Hanged Man

Represents: sacrifice, delay, readjustment, rejection, being in limbo

13 - Death

Represents: loss, transition, transformation, the end of a cycle, the chance for a new beginning

14 - Temperance

Represents: moderation, patience, self-control, harmony

15 - The Devil

Represents: restraint, powerlessness, temptation, mystery, feeling trapped by your own limitations

16 - The Tower

Represents: disruption, devastation, an aspect of your life crumbling around you, rising from the ashes

17 - The Star

Represents: hope, recovery, faith, good prospects, a gift from the universe

18 - The Moon

Represents: internal darkness, uncertainty, deception, illusion

19 - The Sun

Represents: brightness, peace, contentment, joy, optimism

20 - Judgement

Represents: rebirth, renewal, your past and future coming together, assessing where you need to go, promotion

21 - The World

Represents: completion, the end of a long journey, the universe, reward, great understanding