It's Okay, They Don't Get It Either

If you’ve never heard of or listened to the “I Don’t Get It” podcast, you are seriously missing out. The podcast stars Ashley Iaconetti, Lauren Iaconetti and Naz Perez; a.k.a. your three new best friends. Ashley and Lauren are sisters whose names you may recognize from The Bachelor franchise. Ashley first began her bachelor journey on Chris Soules’ season, eventually continuing her search for love on seasons 2 and 3 of Bachelor in Paradise, where we met her sister, Lauren, who then ended her bachelor journey without her sister on The Bachelor Winter Games. Naz Perez is a former producer who worked on the franchise, where she met Ashley and Lauren. Since then, among handfuls of other ventures, the girls created the “I Don’t Get It” podcast.

To be honest, I have never been a huge fan of podcasts and have never thought to bother listening, until I found out that Ashley and Lauren were starting their own. And ladies, let me tell you…this is the most entertaining podcast out there. I have listened to every episode and can’t help but look forward to a new episode each week. If you’re wondering exactly why I’m obsessed with the podcast, keep reading, because I’d be more than happy to list some reasons.


#1. They’re Like the Sisters You’ve Never Had


If you’re like me, and the only girl of your siblings, you know that sometimes it can be hard to relate to your brothers. Listening to the “I Don’t Get It” podcast, is like having three sisters who you can completely relate to and feel for during every episode.


#2. Every Topic Is Relatable


From boys, virginity, ghosting, sex, celebrity gossip all the way to things that the girls simply just “don’t get,” every topic of every podcast has been relatable. You’ll laugh your way through each episode alongside the girls over topics that every girl struggles to figure out on a daily basis.

#3. If You Love The Bachelor Franchise, You’ll Love This Podcast


The girls have tons of guests on the podcast to add depth to a topic or have an expert point of view on various topics. Although, handfuls of the guests on the show have appeared on The Bachelor or Bachelorette and are names you’ll recognize if you watch the show. Even if you’ve never seen an episode of The Bachelor, you will love the podcast. Only portions of certain episodes are bachelor related, while the rest are common struggles we all face!


#4. The Girls Keep It Real


The girls are brutally honest and open with each topic, always being sure to give their unique point of view and share their experiences, to make the episodes even more relatable!


#5. The Facebook Group

Once you start listening to the podcast and realize how much you love it, you can join the “I Don’t Get It” Facebook group with over 4,000 other listeners! In the group girls and guys discuss what they “don’t get” and share unique perspectives and experiences to help one another get through our days!