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Imagine. A Matte Lipstick that could Survive a Nuclear Explosion.

Smudge resistant, make out strong, full proof lip wear. Not only does this extraordinary unicorn of makeup exist, but Beauty Bakerie is whipping up plenty of anti-smear makeup for all our mess free cosmetic needs! Founder and beautiful entrepreneur Cashmere started this company out of pure passion and an incredible idea in mind. While also cruelty free, the range of these products spread from eye glitter to brow gel that will last you in your roughest wet beach days. Their Instagram videos feature the vibrant and delicious lip colors swiped on her arm while she shows that not even dish soup can create the faintest budge in pigment. My excitement for these types of products are through the roof, and I quickly mailed out for a bold red lip whip and those precious makeup remover pads. As I added the products to my shopping cart I pondered if they were moderately priced or too good to be true. With the weekend ahead of me, I knew I had the perfect chance to put these sweet treats to the test. As my package came in the mail, I was giddy with the adorable cupcake themed wrapping as I ripped open my new lipstick! I immediately swiped the liquid on my arm and allowed it to dry as I flaunted it in front of my roommates. Right away I scrub my hand and there was not a single flaw.

My mouth dropped, “IT WORKS”. Finally, a make-out sturdy, pigment rich, matte lipstick. I was set for a Saturday night out. I applied the lip whip at 7PM on Saturday with a shaky hand. It went on smooth and colorful, and only took moments to dry. Although a bit dry, the matte finish was leaning more towards the comfortable side. Extremely giddy with my bold lip color, I headed out for margaritas and Mexican food with the girls. Even though there was some residue on my straw, I had expected some wear and tear from fajitas and jumbo mango margs. Well into the night I got plenty of, “I’ve been staring at your lipstick all night and it’s still perfect?!”, “That lip color looks hot!” Around 10PM my lipstick had held up and the results were what I expected. Now I can strut a classic bold red lip and not worry about my hair getting stuck in my lipstick, or a sudden smudge from a clumsy friend. The hype is totally worth it; this company is baking up a storm of great products and amazing quality! Go to https://www.beautybakerie.com/ right now for the PERFECT lip pigment this world has been blessed to known.  

Company Instagram: beautybakeriemakeup

Gina Marie is a third year Communication major at University at Buffalo. From Long Island, NY, the Hampton beaches and perfect pizza parlours are where she's most comfortable. While not working on Her Campus articles, Gina spends her days working with the Buffalo Pink Campus Team and works as a stylist for Vanilla Sky Boutique at home. She's looking forward to traveling and life ahead of college, so keep an eye out for blogs on fashion, food, and more! Instagram: ginamarieciappina Twitter: @ginaciappina
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