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As the fall semester starts and students begin to move in, I begin to feel a repeated feeling every year that I can’t seem to shake off. I have to admit as a fourth-year undergraduate commuter student this year, I have experienced the case of “FOMO” (fear of missing out) a fair number of times these past couple of years. You would think as a senior now, the “FOMO” gets easier but unfortunately, it doesn’t. I certainly get the moments where I wish I had experienced living away from home, but I also choose to appreciate and relish the time I have with family and living at home. It’s not all that bad, we definitely do reap the sweet benefits of the commuter lifestyle, a big one is saving lots of money. In case the commuting lifestyle is in your future, here are some tips and tricks for me that helped me get through the years:

TIP 1: Connections
Commuters do have a tougher time in the social aspect on campus and it can take a little more work to connect with others. Be sure to join clubs and organizations at the start of your school year. Talk to the person you’re sitting next to in class. It’s key to put yourself out there and connect with those in your classes and organizations. Making connections and good friend groups is so essential. If it weren’t for my friends here at UB, I don’t know where I would be (aww…insert heart emoji).

TIP 2: Parking
It’s so important to figure out your school’s parking lots as well as the good times to commute to campus. Keep in mind rush hour when driving to and from campus. Finding parking can be a hassle so make sure to leave home early for your classes allotting at least 30-40 minutes before your class starts.

TIP 3: Scheduling classes
It can be helpful to schedule classes together or spaced out in whatever is preferred to you. Whether you would like to have your classes spread out throughout the week to give some mental break, or on all the same days, pick what works for you! If you want to save trips to campus and gas prices in this economy, look into having all your classes on the same days and at closer times to each other.

TIP 4: Bring food
While eating out is both convenient and delicious, it will make your stomach and bank account cry over time. Pack some snacks and food when going to campus for the day. This way you can stay healthier and save lots of money throughout the school year.

TIP 5: Enjoy your own company
It’s common to feel overwhelmed, stressed and bombarded with school work and in general, life. It’s important to make time for you! Do fun things that you enjoy and love. For me, finding new coffee shops and jamming to some good music while going to Target sounds like a solid relaxing day.

Ayesha Khan

Buffalo '23

Ayesha is a senior majoring in Neuroscience and minoring in Asian Studies. She has a passion for all things music and enjoys singing in her free time. An Ariana Grande stan who's obsessed with aesthetics, coffee, the Bills, and her cat, Raja.