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Hey loves,


I wanna introduce you to some affordable skincare that is naturally made by women entrepreneurs!


Donata Skinfood


Donata Skinfood is a vegan skincare and hair care brand that focuses on empowering others through their products and services. Fun Fact purchases made from Donata Skinfood helps support Adding Doses of Hope Daily Foundation fund, a non-profit organization for teens and women.


Some of my faves are


Pine Tar Soap

Great for all skin types, this bar is beneficial for a wide range of skin conditions like Eczema and Psoriasis, with some bonus antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Scar Butter

Scar butter is great for fading blemishes, dark circles, dark spots or hyperpigmentation on the face and body.


Check out Donata Skinfood’s website https://www.donata.co/ 

Don’t Forget to checkout their Instagram Donatasco

 Nola Skin Essentials


Nola Skin Essentials is a vegan brand that caters to melanin skin types. Nola Skin essentials provides consistency, quality, and environmental safety with each product.


Some of my faves are


Iconic Elixir

This elixir hydrates and replenishes while combating blemishes.


Brightening-C Serum

This light-weight serum helps reduce the appearance of discoloration and acne scarring.


Check out Nola Skin Essentials’ website https://www.nolaskinsentials.com/

Also check out her Instagram  nolaskinessentials


Unique Beauty Blends


Unique Beauty Blends a natural skincare and haircare brand that inspires women to protect, love, and celebrate their unique beauty. 


Some of my Faves are


Even & Clear Serum

This light-weight, non-comedogenic serum is moisturizes and rejuvenates skin while fading dark spots.


Turmeric Glow Scrub


 This gentle scrub is great for giving you soft, clear, and glowing skin. 

Check out Unique Beauty Blends’ Website https://myunibeauty.com/

Don’t forget to check out their Instagram  myunibeauty

Hey love, my name is Soraya Saint-eloi. I'm currently studying Pharmacology and Toxicology at The University at Buffalo. My two favorite things to do, when I'm not studying or going to cheer practice, is to play with makeup and my puppy, Rocket.?
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