Halloween and COVID-19

Covid-19 seems to have the world on pause in fear of contracting the virus. From events being canceled, not being able to see friends and family members, and so on. While the concern is understandable, this Halloween can still be fun and should not have to be canceled because of the virus. Here are some tips on how to stay safe but still have fun this season.



Zoom was first introduced to many because of Covid-19 and classes having to be held online. To make things fun and feel safe, instead of risking your safety and those around you, you can hold a Halloween party on Zoom. Some ideas for this zoom party are: dress up, play music, play games, and more, over Zoom. 



Netflix has a huge list of selections when it comes to scary or Halloween themed movies. This Halloween can be spent watching movies or TV Shows with friends and family while staying safe and cozy inside!



Although being inside can be tiring and boring, this Halloween can be spent carving or painting pumpkins. This activity can be done with a limited amount of people with you in person (wearing masks or socially distanced) or can be done over the phone. When the carving or paintings are finished, they can be put in a place to show off the creation such as outside or in the main room as decorations.


Wearing masks are essential for staying safe during Covid-19. Halloween costumes can have masks, but not the masks that we wear these days. This Halloween, you can have a “create a mask” night where you customize your own masks to wear when needed to be safe. The mask can be Halloween themed or can be customized to your everyday style. 


Whichever idea you decide, please keep the safety of others and yourself in mind. Going out into large crowds can increase your risk. Continue to socially distance yourself and have a fun and safe Halloween!