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As I packed away my tank tops and denim cutoffs, and brought out lots of sweaters and layers, I realized I’m usually excited about the same staple pieces every fall. Buffalo can get pretty chilly, especially in the evenings, and this may be surprising for many who did not grow up here. That being said, I love Buffalo during fall time, so here are some pieces that’ll keep you trendy, but most importantly, warm on an autumn day here!

1. Leather Pants

I know, leather is always in for fall, but rightfully so. The thick fabric is guaranteed to keep you warm, and also acts as insulation, trapping body heat. Perfect to dress down for everyday wear with chunky sneakers and a sweater, but also great for a night out, they are totally versatile. Lately I’ve been loving this pair from Abercrombie and Fitch. They’re also 15% of right now!!

2. Platform Doc Martens

While not the best choice for snow, I love my docs for fall. The platforms specifically look great with mini skirts, jeans, and pretty much everything!! If you’re on the shorter side like I am, they also add a nice amount of height while still being sturdy walking shoes. They also come in white, but my personal favorite are the classic black Jadon boot.

3. Cozy Sweaters

These are a given, but there are so many options when it comes to color, texture, and even the fit!! It’s always great having a couple staple colors like navy blue, cream, and black, but I’ve also been loving greens this fall, especially olive. This cropped one is perfect for warmer days! I also really like this one and have been obsessed with the Kiel James Patrick sweaters.

4. Hats!!

You lose heat quickly from your head, and with the strong wind here its always nice to have a couple of cute hats!! Whether it be a beanie, or a knit there are so many fun options for fall that you can coordinate with your outfits. This budget friendly one from Amazon is adorable and this North Face beanie would match with practically everything.

5. Plaid everything!

The best for last: plaid jackets, flannels, and skirts always get me in the fall mood while keeping me cozy!! This one from Pacsun is so cute, and definitely warm weather proof! Pair with baggy boyfriend jeans and your favorite sneaker and you’re all set!!

Hannah Rashad

Buffalo '25

Hannah is a junior at the University at Buffalo pursuing a major in English and a minor in law. In her spare time she enjoys writing, playing the piano, and running.