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Drag Queen Dressed as Elsa Saves The Day

Drag queens, in my opinion, are some of the most badass individuals in the world honestly and this situation just goes to support that statement. 

This past week in Boston during a blizzard a police van got stuck in the road, unable to get out of the snow swamped streets. Luckily, the snow princess herself came to help the police out by literally pushing the van to continue along the road in front of the Cathedral of Holy Cross in South Boston. 

Jason Triplett, 37 year old performer, dressed as Elsa was the hero of the night for the Boston Police Department. 

Not only did Elsa save the day, she then proceeded to sing “Let it Go” throughout the streets of Boston because what else would you do after saving a police van dressed as Elsa? 

This is very interesting timing for something like this to occur due to the recent talk of Elsa identifying as gay in the sequel, with “Let It Go” be a coming out anthem. And the coolest part about this all is that the writer of Frozen is not opposed to these fan theories at all! We could be having a Frozen 2 with a lesbian Elsa, so exciting! Being a member of the LGBTQ community and representation becoming more popular in modern day media, I think it would be amazing to get representation in as big of a brand as Disney. 


Marissa Hanes is a junior at University at Buffalo and planning to pusue her dream career as a Nurse somewhere on the west coast post-graduation. She currently works as a Nursing Assistant at Sister's of Charity Hospital as well as a front desk receptionist at a career office in UB. In her sparse free time you can find Marissa somewhere outside (when it's not 800 degrees out), catching up on her favorite youtuber's, writing poetry, or planning another trip somewhere far from Buffalo. 
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