A College Girl’s Guide to Fashion

If you’re a shopaholic like me then you know hard it is to look as flawless and keep money in our pockets. You’re scrolling down Instagram and fall in love with the outfit on your favorite Instagram model. Then you press the account she tagged and good heavens! Look at the price. You can’t afford that not with your college pennies. Now I’m not saying I condone fast fashion, but sometimes it is all you can afford. So here are some stores that are cheap and chic:

  1. Forever 21: Though they are going bankrupt and some stores are closing, the one in Buffalo is going strong and has a great sale section. I’ve seen great items that are up to 90% off.

  2. YesStyle: This is a Korean site that has great items year-round. Shipping does take a bit longer because they are shipping from Korea but it's really worth it because the items are pretty good quality. I recommend reading the reviews before you commit to anything though because the items you are buying are not made by YesStyle but separate sellers.

  3. Aliexpress: ALIEXPRESS IS WHERE INSTAGRAM BOUTIQUES AND FASHION NOVA GET THEIR STOCK FROM. If you’re seeing something off of these big sites check AliExpress first they’re likely to have it. But just like Yesstyle read the reviews and you will be fine.

  4. Abercrombie and Hollister: yes, yes, yes these two stores have overpriced stuff but their sale items are insane. I once found a windbreaker that was on sale for $30, and when I got to the register they brought it down even more to $20. 

  5. H&M: If you have a job interview coming up or wanna look more dressy, H&M is the place to go. They have really good sales but the items in front on the mannequins are pretty adequately priced. 

  6. Zaful, Shein, Romwe: These sites are definitely fast fashion and I have never been a fan of them. But I have seen really cute pieces on a lot of women so if you visit these sites and like what you see you’re welcome. I have found that all three of these sites are the same and I do not see a difference. However, you may find different pieces on each site but I highly doubt it.