Black Creators to Follow on Tiktok

     Would you like to support more Black creators and educate yourself more on Black issues/the Black experience as a whole?  Below I will be recommending some Black content creators on TikTok who I have been following for awhile.  I really enjoy their videos and I think they are so important in regards to discussing intersectionality and the issues Black people are constantly facing in today’s world.  Please take the time to amplify and support Black voices, it is crucial to not speak over them but rather to spread the knowledge and learn from them.

  1. 1. Jessica Hope Eaton (@thejesseaton)

         I absolutely love this account and how Jessica uses her platform to educate others on being anti-racist and answers questions people leave in the comments.  She is very interactive with her followers and utilizes various simple metaphors to help people further understand topics such as racism (including both covert and overt racism), cultural appropriation, how politics and laws are used to suppress Black people, etc.  She is very much open to discussion and has a series called “Things that you say that are racist even though you don’t think so,” which points out the many things people often say that are rooted in racism, and the implications of these actions.  Here is her linktree if you would like to keep up to date with her and look at her resources!

  2. 2. Kissy Duerré (@kissyduerre)

         Kissy is the purest and the cutest!  I love her so much and she has the most positive, uplifting attitude.  She is a Black transgender women who speaks out on hate and discrimination toward both Black and transgender people.  Kissy discusses the dangers of being both Black and a transgender woman in today’s world, and the violence they face.  She also educates her followers on how to properly address trans people and talks about the issues of misgendering and the complete disregard and lack of respect some people have toward the trans community.

  3. 3. Morgan (@ohyikesmorgan)

         I just recently started following Morgan on TikTok and she is very educational and informative!  She discusses Black history and stereotypes Black people face.  Morgan has two series on her account called “Badass things in Black history” and “BSAWTGI (Black stereotypes and what they’re grounded in).  Understanding Black history and the history of America is crucial in understanding Black issues and experiences.

  4. 4. Kylie G. Capron (@bossladyky)

         I have also been following Kylie for awhile on TikTok and I have so much love and respect for her.  She is deaf and teaches her followers various words and phrases in ASL (American sign language).  I believe it is important that everyone should know the basics of American sign language or at least try to understand the alphabet and certain phrases in order to cater to people who are deaf.  She shows people how being deaf does not stop her from achieving her goals and definitely does not make her any less of a person or any less capable than us.  So if you are interested in learning more about American sign language, I definitely recommend following Kylie!

     I really hope you all take the time to follow and listen to these wonderful, dedicated, and hardworking creators on TikTok.  They have all taught me a lot and do so with grace and passion.  It is imperative that we amplify their message and spread awareness on these differing issues within the Black community.