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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Buffalo chapter.

Downtown Buffalo is known for the many bars that it is. There is almost always somewhere to go during the week. Here are a few of the most well known bars.



   Tuesdays is Ladies night at Coles! It is located right near Buff State. Cover is 5 dollars and drinks are only 3 dollars…talk about balling on a budget.



  My favorite place to go to on Thursdays is Slick’s. Slicks is 5 minutes away from Ub north campus. It is free to get in and the best part is that drinks for girls are only $1.50!




  Allen Street has multiple bars that get packed on Friday nights. Falley Allen is one of the bigger bars. If you love to dance then Hardware on Allen is the bar you should go to. There are two dance floors and both play different music at the same time. It is more of a hip hop vibe and the music is always amazing.



    Saturdays are “for the boys” but also for downtown Chippewa. Chippewa has many bars. Soho is a rooftop bar that also features a closed in area downstairs. The music is current and drinks are decently priced. Bottoms up is another bar on Chippewa that offers fishbowls and hip hop music.



 Sunday funday is a known thing in Buffalo. Savoy is located a minute away from Falley. Both of these bars are the places to be on Sunday. Start off at Savoy first. It is a smaller bar but packed with fun people. Towards 7pm people start to go to Falley for more of a relaxing vibe!


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Nancy Acosta

Buffalo '20

Nancy is currently a Junior here at the University at Buffalo and is Campus Correspondent for the UBHC Chapter. She is majoring in Communications with a dual minor in International Trade/Geography and Political Science.