5 YouTubers You Need To Be Watching

1. Aspyn Ovard and Parker Ferris


Aspyn Ovard and Parker Ferris are YouTubers who are in their early twenties, married and living their best lives. Aspyn and Parker who have been married for two years, have been together for a handful of years and have been making YouTube videos together and individually for years. Aspyn has her own channel where she does beauty videos, fashion videos and all different types of challenges. Parker also has his own channel, where he does challenges and uploads videos geared more towards men. Not only do they each have their own channels, but they also have a combined vlog channel; where they post their daily activities including house décor videos and Target hauls, which are my favorite, obviously. If you’ve never watched any of Aspyn or Parker’s videos, the first one you have to watch is their wedding video, you’ll literally die.

2. David Dobrik


David Dobrik and his “vlog squad” are my absolute favorite YouTubers. David Dobrik uploads hilarious daily vlogs where he creates skits with his friends while simultaneously pulling pranks on them. Not to mention, all of his friends in the “vlog squad” also have their own YouTube channels, where they each express themselves and their individual creative ventures. David has lots of guests featured in his videos which make them even funnier and more random. If you’ve never watched any of David’s vlogs, I guarantee you’ll love David and the members of his “vlog squad” and die laughing at least five times during every vlog.

3. Emma Chamberlain


Emma Chamberlain is a teenage girl who also makes hilarious vlogs. She loves to make fun of herself during the vlogs and is not to mention, so relatable. Emma films vlogs of her daily life as well as Q&As and different types of challenges. She’s also very good friends with the Dolan Twins and James Charles, so more of your fav YouTubers will definitely make appearances in her videos.

4. Tati Westbrook


If you’re anything like me and love watching makeup/beauty videos, you’ll love Tati Westbrook. Tat is famous for her thorough product reviews. Seriously though, if you’re considering buying a new product, you need to look up Tati’s videos and check if she’s done a review before you decide to purchase. Tati is so well-known in the beauty community for a reason. She’s consistently releasing content that her viewers want to see, whether it’s reviews of popular or unique products or a Q&A “get ready with me,” Tati’s channel will always keep you informed and entertained.



5. Nazanin Kavari


Nazanin Kavari, aka “Naz,” is a makeup and beauty YouTuber who is the realest of the real. Naz is always creating new makeup looks and spilling the tea on everything and anything beauty related. She also keeps her audience informed about her personal life, which is secretly everyone’s favorite types of videos. At only twenty years old, she is already creating an empire with the help of her viewers, the “Kavari Krew.”