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Climate change is real, y’all. While we all know we should be switching to metal straws and reusable water bottles, these actions don’t make much of a difference when large companies are polluting the planet. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when the world is literally on fire but that doesn’t mean we can’t do our part and control our small contributions. As fall (slowly) approaches and we all want to dive into a pumpkin-spiced shopping frenzy, let’s vow to make a few sustainable swaps to our beloved autumnal products.

  1. Zero-Waste Makeup

Zerra & Co No-Waste Lip Gloss

Zerra & Co No-Waste Lip Balm

As the skies get darker, so should your lips! Switch out those summer pinks for a deep red or maroon in zero-waste packaging. The ingredients are probably less toxic, too. These products work just as well as your average makeup, and are definitely perfect for an everyday look. Find these products right here in Buffalo at our only low-waste shop: Little Salmon.

2. Swedish Dishcloths


If you’re anything like me, you love to buy unnecessary fall decorations at TJMaxx on September 1st. One way to save money and still have cute decor is switching to no-plastic, reusable alternatives. Try switching your seasonal pumpkin dish towels for a Swedish dishcloth-a space and money-saving, reusable dish towel. Not only is it adorable, it’s made to be washed and reused much longer than typical towels.

3. Reusable Coffee Cup


‘Tis the season for pumpkin spice and chai tea lattes! Go to Starbucks with this reusable coffee cup to save 5 cents AND the planet. Plus, this will keep your drink hotter longer. You can use this at home, in class, or at work and save a cup for every day of the season… right?

4. Fall-Scented Soaps


While I’m buying new dish towels, I’m also bringing home something that smells like pumpkin or apple. This is always so wasteful, going through body wash bottles that don’t get finished and are thrown away by winter. Instead, you can go for a soap bar made with natural ingredients (a.k.a. no micro plastics!) that still smells like fall. This Cinnamon-Ginger-Chai bar smells like HEAVEN.

5. Thrifting

Do you need to up your sweater game this fall? Running low on boots? Head to your local thrift stores instead of the mall this season. You’ll be saving money, finding unique pieces, and extending the life of clothing that would otherwise be thrown away. You can even get a membership at GoodWill to earn points and save MORE money! Now I have more to spend on my coffee ;)

Living more sustainably doesn’t have to mean going zero-waste immediately. Ease yourself into a more sustainable lifestyle by making small, easy swaps when you run out of products. Next time you finish your shampoo, buy a no-waste alternative instead! It doesn’t have to be an overwhelming process-just trust that any small step you take is one closer to eliminating climate change.

Khrystina is a first-year grad student, earning her Master's in Social Work. She's written for a variety of audiences throughout her academic and professional careers on topics ranging from mental health to travel guides. She's passionate about wellness, sustainability, food, her cats, books, and love. ❤️