5 Struggles Every Plus Sized Girl Faces

When shopping for today’s hottest looks sometimes being big, bold, and beautiful can be a problem. Despite the fact that the average woman in America wears a size 14 it’s rather interesting that most clothing stores in America don’t cater to the majority of women but rather the minority. It’s been my experience, being a plus sized beauty, that women often struggle to find clothes that fit right and to find things that work for my style. Here are 5 struggles that every woman in today’s world has to deal with:


  1. Often plus sized clothes are sized disproportionately. This means that they are often sized differently and could end up having oversized sleeves, they’re cut too short, or they fit awkwardly.

  2. It’s also assumed that plus sized women are ashamed of their bodies. Actually, it’s quite the opposite. Most plus sized women are proud of the way they look and want to flaunt their curves. Just because we’re curvier doesn’t mean that we can’t love our bodies just as much as other women.

  3. One of the many struggles of having curves is that some stores don’t have a plus sized section and if they do, it’s online. I personally think that this is one of the most offensive things that clothing stores do to shame women. If you go into a store and they only have a plus sized section online, save your money sweetheart and spend it in a store that praises your body not your size.

  4. Two words. Sports apparel. There aren’t enough words in the english language to describe how hard it is for curvy girls to find athletic clothes that fit and support us without breaking the bank. Honestly, what’s the deal with that? Why can’t women be plus sized and enjoy working out?

  5. Another huge struggle of being curvaceous is that the models who wear plus sized clothing aren’t an accurate representation of what plus sized women look like! It’s not right that many stores shame beautiful women for their size. After all, at the end of the day women are women. We are all beautiful in our own right and should be praised for the sheer fact that all women are amazing!!!