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As someone who listens to music as often as possible, I’m always searching for new artists. If you’re in need of some new suggestions, here are some of my favorite artists that you may not have heard yet!


1: Troye Sivan

An Electronic Pop singer from Australia, Troye has become increasingly popular as a musician following his rise to fame on YouTube. He even recently made his television debut as a musical guest on Saturday Night Live. Watch out for a new album from him coming soon!


2: blackbear

After starting his career writing songs for other artists (including Justin Bieber), blackbear has recently solidified himself as a solo R&B/Soul artist. He also did a collab project with Mike Posner under the group name “mansionz”.


3: Jeremy Zucker

Jeremy’s music is incredibly introspective, and falls under the category of Indie Electronica with some Hip Hop undertones. Two of his musical inspirations are Jon Bellion and Bon Iver, so if you like either of them, you’ll definitely be a fan!


4: H.E.R.

H.E.R. is an anonymous R&B artist who has released some beautifully produced breakup/love songs. You can find her featured on one of Daniel Caesar’s most popular songs, “The Best Part’, and she also went on tour with Bryson Tiller!


5: Jaden Smith

Son of Will Smith and former Karate Kid, Jaden has recently fully joined the rap game with the release of his album “SYRE”. His sound is very unique and artistically driven, with a mix of both hype and more smooth, intricate songs.


6: Roy Woods

Guest at UB’s 2017 Fall Fest, Roy is a moody R&B/Rap artist from Toronto. He’s signed to Drake’s record label, OVO, and has even collaborated with Drake on his song, “Drama”!


7: Madison Beer

Madison is an upcoming Pop artist, who also mixes elements of R&B into her music. Her first full project, “As She Pleases”, which was released earlier this year, features more sultry sounds like the song “Tyler Durden”, and some sassier moments, like on the song “Dead”.


8: Logic

While Logic has recently become more well known following the release of his song 1-800-273-8255 in collaboration with the Suicide Prevention Hotline, he has produced a very full discography over the past 9 years. Whether you’re looking for more hype music from his Bobby Tarantino persona, or more introspective, thoughtful lyrics from his true self, you’re sure to find something you like!


9: 6LACK

6LACK’s dazed, slower music with heavier beats paired with his raspy voice provide a very unique and soothing sound. He produces a mix of R&B/rap, often inspired by his hometown of Atlanta, Georgia.


10: Vic Mensa

Friend of Chance the Rapper, Vic is a rapper from Chicago with a unique and strong sound. He’s signed to Jay Z’s label, Roc Nation, has toured with J Cole, and has recently been a frequent collaborator with Kanye West. 

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