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Excellent style is unachievable. Why do I say that? Because style is individual. It is what you make of it. A lot of people who tend to not dress overly fashionable always say they have no style. There is no such thing as not having a style because simply in your unconformity, you are making a statement, and that is your style.Style should not always be looked as wearing what is in trend for the season. I am certainly not at a place where I can follow trends every season. I may indulge in one thing or the other but I cannot commit to it wholly and I am ok with that.


Standing out should also not be an element of style. You do not need to stand out to have style. Understated is good as well. Do not be intimidated by someone else use of extravagant colors or jewelry. Another thing to remember is that your style is YOU. It is how you feel that morning, it is what is clean in your closet. It is not defined. Often style can be limited because of work restrictions and perhaps religion but still find a way to incorporate things you love into how you look.


You create your style. You have control of how you want to look. Styling should be a fun way to know yourself, your likes and dislikes. It is basically showing the world who you are by not even saying a word.Make sure you check out thrift stores, and websites such as Tradesy.com, Ebay.com and Poshmark.com for discounted items of treasure. Go out there and show the world who you are without saying a single word, just by your style ;) 

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Diana Onuoha

Buff State

My name is Diana Onuoha, I am a junior at Buffalo State with majors in Fashion Merchandising and French Language. I love culture, modeling, writing, and people and of course fashion. I hope to someday work in the fashion industry but I am not certain what department exactly. I am currently running for miss New York 2014 and i'm super excited to where the road leads from here. Feel free to contact me with any ideas, if you need a runway model, or just to say hi. Merci!