Steven Elias '15


Name- Steven Elias 

Class status- Senior 

Graduation Year - December 2015 
Age- 23
Major- Business Administration with a concentration in marketing 
Quote to live by-  "Excuses are the tools of the incompetent which build's monuments of nothing!"
If you could have any superpower what would it be and why-  If I had a to choose a super power it would be to read peoples mind, because that way I would be able to gain knowledge without having any interactions with certain subjects, and I would finally be able to see the real from the fake. 
HC Buff State: What is your biggest inspiration?
Steven: My mother is my biggest inspiration, her hard work and dedication is what makes me want to strive for success and my mom being a single mother taught me anything is possible. 
HC Buff State: What things have you done or organization are you a part of at buff state and what have you learned from them?
Steven: My recent joining of the best fraternity in the world, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity INC. is something I am very proud of. Also being a member of (AASO) African American Student organization showed me a lot as far as being organized and preparing for the real world. 
HC Buff State: Why did you choose to come to Buff State?
Steven: I initially came to buffalo state college because my brother came to visit when he graduated high school but ended up not coming, so after my first year of college at Post university i transferred to buffalo and I've been here ever since and i have to say it was a great move. 
HC Buff State: What are some of the best and worst experience you've had at Buff State?
Steven: I would have to say the best experience at buffalo state for me was meeting and networking with certain individuals. The connections that I have came across in buffalo, I would have to say it was worth every penny. 
HC Buff State: How would you describe your experience here at Buff State?
Steven: I would have to say buffalo is something to get use to. Buffalo will show you a lot about how to deal with certain situations but for the most part Buffalo State College is a party/academic school. I say that because regardless of the studying, work, or organizations you might be in the party/mix. People will always find a way to have a good time. Honesty every situation depends on the person you are so if you like to party, be mixy, drink with friends, you will have a great time. if you're a student who does not party, drink,or  hangout out often you will be pleased and satisfied also. 
HC Buff State: What do you hope to do when you graduate?
Steven: My plans after I graduate is to pay my loans back, work with a marketing firm doing commercial marketing and eventually one day own my own company. As an entrepreneur I know that a plan does not work for everything society and facts tell us we should get a 9-5 day job to get by but that's not what I see in my future for me so until that time comes I don't know where I'll end up in the next hour, day, or week, so I take everyday one step at a time because you never know when, who or what will change your views on your plan you had. 
HC Buff State: What is your biggest motivation to continue on as a student at Buff State?
Steven: What makes me want to strive to finish college is myself, not my mom, dad, family because if that was the case I would have dropped out a long time ago. my reason for finishing college is I have the understanding of what needs to be done. when anyone starts something it should be finished, goals should never be broken but always met. 
HC Buff State: What advice can you give to females here at Buff State?
Steven: Well first off I want to let all girls know its ok to like a guy, have sex with a guy, and  talk to a guy, but its also important to do your car facts. Don't trust everything that you hear for the first time, ask questions. there are more to men than looks. I only say that because for the most part most guys I know and came across don't see personality, they see body and physical features first as do females, but this is about giving girls advice so all I have to say is don't be a fool. If you don't respect yourself trust and believe we will not. I am not speaking for all boys/men, but just in general terms the scum life is real, so ladies please do yourself a favor, if you aren't on-top of your game get up on it. 
**All of us here at Her Campus Buff State would like to wish Steven the best of luck on all his future goals and endeavors!