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Spring Break issues?! Sabby to the Rescue!

Spring Break is quickly approaching and I still have not decided what to do!  I was thinking of escaping to New York City with a few girlfriends from my campus and slicing my credit card throughout Soho.  My other option is to go away with my boyfriend back to his hometown and visit his family, town etc.  I really want to do both but my friends are persuading me into the city trip.  What should I do?
Hmm, boyfriend time or gal pal time, it is a tough situation.  I had a similar issue once before when I either stayed with my boyfriend for Spring Break or went to New York with my girls.  I ended up in New York for a few days and I had a fabulous time.  Shopping, going to museums, dinners in delicious restaurants, it was amazing.  Girlfriend time is so important because it not only brings you and your friends together but it also strengthens your bond that much more because you find out things about each other you may have never known before.  I would suggest the New York City getaway!  You probably know a lot about your boyfriend already, so use this time to get closer to the women who mean as much to you as well, I promise you won’t regret it!

Good luck!



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