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Playing 21 Questions With Domenic Grayer: A Buffalo State Basketball Cutie!

1) Name: Domenic Grayer

2) Graduation year: 2019

3) Major: Business Administration 

4) Hometown: Charleston, South Carolina

5) What sport do you play: Men’s Basketball 

6) Why did you choose this sport: When I was 4 years old I used to throw everything into the garbage, so, my great-grandmother told my mom to put me in the sport of basketball and it was a natural fit

7) Who is your role model: My mother is my #1 role model, and Dwyane Wade would be the 2nd

8) Favorite team: Miami Heat

9) Do you like sporty girls: Definitely

10) What do you look for in a girl: Someone who has a strong head on her shoulders, has self-respect and gives off positive vibes

11) What’s your biggest deal breaker in a girl: If she can’t hold a conversation because I like to see who she is as a person and how she thinks

12) What’s your best physical feature: Stomach

13) Describe yourself in 3 words: Opportunist, Disciplined, Funny

14) What means the most to you: Family and basketball, without that I wouldn’t be here today

15) If deserted on an Island what 3 things would you bring: Drinks, Sports Magazines, Map

16) If you could travel anywhere in the world where would it be: Dubai

17) Guilty pleasure: I binge eat on grapes. Any kind it doesn’t really matter

18) Pet peeves: Bad feet

19) Favorite movie: Training Day

20) Fun fact: I’m extremely into socks so I have a big collection, not the plain socks, but nice ones with stuff like the Simpsons or Garfield on them

21) Relationship status: Single 

India Summers is a full-time student who is in the works of obtaining her bachelors degree in fashion merchandising, and then her associates in advertising and marketing communications. In the midst of obtaining her degrees, she has participated in a countless number of activities and community service projects on her Buffalo State campus. She was also inducted into two national honor societies, and plans to study in Los Angeles, California at California State University - Northridge, during the spring 2016 semester. In addition, she is the owner of her website www.studentoffashion.com. She considers herself a fashion photojournalist, who captures the different styles of people across cities, and who ultimately wants to capture styles of people across the world. You can follow her on Instagram @studentoffashion or visit her website at www.studentoffashion.com
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