Playing 21 Questions With Domenic Grayer: A Buffalo State Basketball Cutie!

1) Name: Domenic Grayer

2) Graduation year: 2019

3) Major: Business Administration 

4) Hometown: Charleston, South Carolina

5) What sport do you play: Men’s Basketball 

6) Why did you choose this sport: When I was 4 years old I used to throw everything into the garbage, so, my great-grandmother told my mom to put me in the sport of basketball and it was a natural fit

7) Who is your role model: My mother is my #1 role model, and Dwyane Wade would be the 2nd

8) Favorite team: Miami Heat

9) Do you like sporty girls: Definitely

10) What do you look for in a girl: Someone who has a strong head on her shoulders, has self-respect and gives off positive vibes

11) What's your biggest deal breaker in a girl: If she can’t hold a conversation because I like to see who she is as a person and how she thinks

12) What's your best physical feature: Stomach

13) Describe yourself in 3 words: Opportunist, Disciplined, Funny

14) What means the most to you: Family and basketball, without that I wouldn’t be here today

15) If deserted on an Island what 3 things would you bring: Drinks, Sports Magazines, Map

16) If you could travel anywhere in the world where would it be: Dubai

17) Guilty pleasure: I binge eat on grapes. Any kind it doesn’t really matter

18) Pet peeves: Bad feet

19) Favorite movie: Training Day

20) Fun fact: I’m extremely into socks so I have a big collection, not the plain socks, but nice ones with stuff like the Simpsons or Garfield on them

21) Relationship status: Single