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Nostalgia Friday!

This week’s snapshot its a nice little nostalgic throwback from the homecoming carnival!! To think the semester is almost over, and it only seems like homecoming was just a short while ago!!

Maria, who tends to go by Maria J. Carr is a Senior Fashion & Textile Technology student at Buffalo State with a concentration in Apparel Design. She is a true born and raised Buffalo girl, but absolutely loves to travel. Fall semester of her Junior year Maria was lucky enough to study abroad at Regent's University London in England to further her fashion studies. In her spare time Maria enjoys doing quite a bit! Sleep is usually one of her most enjoyable activities to participate in (heehee), but she also enjoys photography, anything fashion related, hanging out with her friends, driving her beloved F.150 named Duke or anything fun in general! Be sure to look for some of the snapshots this tall blonde will be posting here on Buff State's Her Campus page!!
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